life of a party, new year's eve: the inspiration (1/4)

We'll come right out and say it...New Year's Eve is the best. If you're like us, by the 31st you've had enough cozy relaxing and are ready to ring in a fresh new year with friends, cocktails, and a playlist that doesn't boast a single bell or fa la la. However, throwing a soirée that can compete with your guests' wild plans for the evening can be quite the task. Our solution: the New Year's Eve Pre-Party. 

This fancy shindig fits in that sweet spot after dinner and before the bars, allowing close friends to relax, mingle and pre-game before heading out to conquer the town. Want some inspiration for your own pre-party? You're in luck. We're throwing one, and we're going to tell you all about it a new series we're calling Life of a Party. Throughout the year, we'll be hosting real parties and sharing a glimpse of the process with you, from the initial planning to the final touches. (Be sure to follow along for sneak-peaks along the way on Instagram and Facebook!)

In the first installment of this series, we're sharing ideas we've found that have inspired the style and mood of this year's party. Keep an eye out; throughout this four-part series you'll notice how details of our event have stemmed from one single piece of inspiration. 

We can't get enough of:

  1. This classic boutineer   |   via Borrowed & Blue

  2. A grapefruit cocktail too pretty to drink   |   via Bicyclette 

  3. Florals that demands attention   |   via Camille Styles

  4. The striking pose and style of this image   |   by Inna Gnedash

  5. These portraits of Sarah Jessica Parker   |   via Harper's Bazaar

  6. A moody centerpiece   |   via A Practical Wedding

  7. Gold glitter-dipped fortune cookies   |   via Brit + Co

  8. The color, simplicity and mood of this tutorial   |   via Verily

  9. Floral garland on this pink velvet chair   |   via Bridal Musings

  10. These pink drinks   |   via Apartment 34

  11. A vibrant red dress   |   via Zac Posen

  12. These handmade flower wristlets   |   via 100 Layer Cake-let

  13. Blooms in baskets   |   via SF Girl by Bay

  14. This expression and shade of lipstick   |   via Harper's Bazaar

  15. A mess of gold confetti   |   via Anthropologie

  16. These three beautiful corsages   |   via Amy Eckert

Feeling inspired yet? Stay tuned! Next week we'll be showing you the key elements and details we've decided to focus on for our NYE party, inspired by some of the finds above.