Sweet Beginnings

by Brianna Greene
Brianna is a graphic designer based in Des Moines. She founded Avenu last August and is now working with vendors, brides & event planners to help make party planning easier and more enjoyable in Central Iowa.



Today we're getting a little personal. Since we launched, our voice has been very much from a group perspective (we have so many vendors and friends involved so the word "we" just always feels more fitting!). But today I'm feeling especially nostalgic and think it's a good time to introduce myself. I'm Brianna. I founded Avenu back in August, and while I think most of you are probably familiar with what we do, what our style leans towards, etc, I don't think many people know why Avenu started in the first place. 

Most times, good ideas come from necessity, and that definitely applies here. I started Avenu because what I thought would be the best time ever (planning my wedding), was actually one of the biggest headaches. I got engaged to my now husband (Shaun) a few years ago, and after dating for 9 years (yeah ladies, NINE years, ha!), I was really, really excited to start planning. Sadly, I soon realized that finding the info I needed was going to be much harder than expected. And as a designer, it was really difficult to stay sane when so many resources were poorly designed and lacked critical information like contact details and pricing.

As I tried to stay organized, I started compiling my own list of venues (in an email draft....oh man), with pricing and links to any photos I could find. One day it hit me that I could do this for other brides (and party planners), and just like that, Avenu was born. I wanted to build a site that was stark and modern but also well-organized and super comprehensive. There is still lots of work to be done, but I'm so happy with what we've accomplished so far. It's been so wonderful to work with so many great people along the way and we are really thrilled about where all of this is headed!

So, in honor of my first wedding anniversary on Sunday, here's a little look at where this all began. Our wedding was actually...kind of terrible. Just kidding. It was a dream, just like everyone always says! In the past I always thought it was so strange when people would tell me their wedding day was the best day ever, but now I totally get it! There hasn't been a happier day for me yet. The whole experience was very "us" and didn't go by any set of rules – Shaun proposed with a moissanite engagement ring, we included my mom & grandma in our bridal party, we did appetizers instead of a full dinner, etc. We also had some very memorable spontaneous moments...like how I washed my hair under our bathtub faucet an hour before we did photos because I just wasn't feeling how the salon did my hair, or how the best man's speech literally caught on fire during the reception. Everything was so fun and genuine which really made for the perfect day. 

Cheers to sweet beginnings. I hope you enjoy the photos below by Aly Carroll Photography – they are my absolute favorites! 


Annnd, I'm crying, haha. Thanks for reading! And if you're planning a wedding and need help or just want to chat bridal things, feel free to reach out and say hello. I'd love to hear from you! xoxoBrianna



second shooter: LOGAN CLEMENT
videographer: DOUGLAS CHOI